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Calling pcap from Swift (using a closure)

27 Nov 2015 Tech

Swift is Apple’s clever new language. It is designed to be intuitive, modern, and read-able. Which it is, until you want to make a call to a C library - such as pcap.h.

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Add Ethernet to your ChromeCast for 12 bucks

01 Sep 2015 Tech

ChromeCast’s are great… as long as your wifi is. I upgraded my router firmware, and my ChromeCast started dropping out. Rather than fixing that problem, I figured “why not just hardwire the damn thing?”.

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How to find spare parts at the wreckers

18 Jan 2016 DIY

Wrecking yards (or junk yards if you are American) are a great place to get spare parts for your car at massive discounts. There are a few things you need to know before going.

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Different Types of power drills explained

10 Nov 2015 DIY

Buying a drill is easy right? Yeah, nah. Do you need to smash through concrete? Drive screws in? hang a picture? Choose the wrong drill for the task, and it is going to take a long time. I’m going to explain the different types of drills and their uses.

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Danny Frencham is a 30-something software developer, based in Brisbane Australia. Danny works primarily in the .Net space, and is currently writing Single-Page-Apps for large enterprise clients. On weekends, you can find him attempting DIY projects (badly), or integrating things in odd ways (ever seen a RaspberryPi reading a home power meter with a webcam and OCR?).