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08 August 2014

So you need to install something on the wall, but you can’t find a stud? (a timber upright). There’s a way! Let’s use some drywall anchors.

Let me introduce you to the last dry wall anchor you will ever need:


This is the BuildEx Ez-Anchor. Unlike lesser wall anchors, this one can hold 10kg (or more if you buy the nickel rather than Nylon version). If you use a couple, that’s 20kg worth of support - approximately 1 child or 5 cats.

Instructions? bah

There is “correct” way to install these things, but it doesn’t involve power tools and results in failure. I’ll show you a way that works.

Step By Step Guide

  • Drill drill drill


    The Ez-anchor has a drill point on it, but it is not very useful. Choose a drill bit of a decent size (say 7mm), and drill a hole through the drywall.
  • Driving the anchor in


    Put a phillips head bit on your drill/driver and put the ez-anchor into the hole. Slowly drive the anchor in. One of the fins should grip into the plasterboard and start anchoring in. Stop before the anchor is all the way in. If the anchor starts ripping a big hole in the drywall, reverse and start again.
  • Screwing.


    Finish with a screw driver. This makes sure you don't drive the anchor right through the drywall.
  • Finishing


    Now we can actually use the anchor. Use a screwdriver to screw in an 8g screw. There may be a cracking sound - which is fine.
  • Hooray!


    All done. My family can finally use towels to dry our hands. Hooray!

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