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Ikea Kitchen Part 2: Extract and Install

Last year I installed an Ikea Kitchen. I posted about the joy of the Ikea ordering process, installed the kitchen, and forgot to post the installation process. Well, here it is. If you’ve ever wondered how to install your own kitchen, wonder no more. I’ll walk you through installing an Ikea kitchen.

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Floating Floors

If you’re sick of staring at tiles from the 1970’s or you have a concrete slab floor (?), this guide is for you! Laying a floating floor is a great way to update your house.

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Build a base for your shed

When I moved into my house I inherited a very sad looking shed. It was jammed inbetween the house and the side fence, and sitting on dirt. Part of the shed had rusted, and it leaked. Now I could have paid someone $1000 to put down a concrete pad, but I already had sleepers, gravel, and some old pavers - more than enough for a shed base!

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Build a ceiling storage system for your garage

Materials List

  • 4 x (A) Pine 89x19mm wide
  • 2 x (B) Pine 70x35mm
  • 6 x Plastic storage tubs
  • 1 x Wood Glue
  • Countersunk Screws Phillips Head

Are you out of storage space in your garage? No where left to put up shelves? No space for cupboards?

I’m going to show you how to build a ceiling storage system for your garage. This system uses plastic tubs that slide into place on timber rails, and can be assembled in a single afternoon.

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