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Auto mocking with AutoMoq

AutoMoq is a nice little package I came across today. The AutoMoq home page describes it as follows:

AutoMoq is an "auto-mocking" container that creates objects for you. Just tell it what class to create and it will create it.

Why is this useful? Consider the following scenario. We have a BananaCakeFactory class, that relies on a Banana Repository. Here is the constructor:

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Nested Dependencies in MVC4

Given how complex the average MVC4 application can become, it is likely that you are going to come across the situation where you build up a dependency chain. It may look like this: Controller -> Provider/Manager -> Dependency

 A common scenario may be that your controller needs a Lookup Manager, and that manager needs a cached query passed in.

In this scenario, the Unity.Mvc4 nuGet package comes into play.

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