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Replace your Nexus 4 screen

The Nexus4 is a great phone. Unfortunately it is a little bit fragile. I fell asleep with my N4 in my pocket… woke up, and the back had a crack. My wife dropped her N4 and the screen shattered.

I’m going to walk you through how to fix it.

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Dbrand Phone Skin Review

Someone at LG needs to be slapped, and I know who. It’s Bob - in Product Design. “I’ve got an idea!”, exclaimed Bob. “How about we give the Nexus4 a glass back!”. In an ideal world he would have been beaten to death by his co-workers - but he wasn’t… so I have a Nexus 4, it’s broken… and here we are.

I’m too cheap/lazy to fix a cracked Nexus4 back, so I decided to try a DBrand skin. On to the review…

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