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Fix Visual Studio taking a long time to load debug symbols

I lost a good couple of hours tracking this one down. If Visual Studio is taking a very long time to load debug symbols when debugging (think 5 minutes to 30 minutes), try this… Delete all break points (Debug - > Delete All Break Points). Sometimes something small like this can be a lot more frustrating than a big issue. Hopefully this saves someone from going crazy.

VS2013 Web Essentials Zen Coding is a huge time saver for web developers

As a web developer, I have regularly found myself needing to type a large amount of HTML layout code. Your page starts to grow, and your eyes begin to glaze over as you type DIV after DIV.

Enter Zen Coding. In a nutshell, ZenCoding is a set of editor extensions, allowing a developer to use shorthand for common tasks. Microsoft have incorporated these extensions into Web Essentials for Visual Studio 2013.

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