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19 July 2014

Family vs Tech

I’ve had to find out the hard way just how destructive kids under 5 can be. I have two young boys, and an ever increasing number of broken devices.

This page is a running tally of the tech devices physically damaged or destroyed by my family.

Broken Plasma Screen Broken iPad Broken Nexus4

Total Damage


Text effect above comes from here.

Score Board

1.4 year old1 Plasma TV
2 iPad screens
2.2 year old1 tablet screen
1 iphone screen
1 iPod Screen
3.Wife1 Phone Screen
1 Camera screen

Device Tally

Device Status Damage Cause
Samsung 50' Plasma TV Destroyed $1700 Son #1 hit it with a toy phone.
Canon s100 Camera Mostly working $100 (+warranty) Son #1 held finger over lens, and power cycled it... repeatedly. Wife spilt make up on/in it.
iPad retina Gen3 Screen shattered $150 Son #1 tripped on charging cable, shattered screen. Repaired, Son #1 dropped it onto tiles, shattered screen again.
Asus Transformer Tablet Screen cracked $150 Son #2 dropped a full money box on it.
iPod Touch 2g Screen cracked $120 Son #2 threw it onto tiled floor.
iPhone 3gs Screen cracked $120 Son #2 threw it on the tiles

Advice for Parents-To-Be

Here are a few tips so you don’t have to share my pain:

  • get LARGE rubber/foam cases for any devices your kids are going to use
  • a toddler can have a rage attack and destroy a device in the time it takes you to get up and get a glass of water
  • Samsung devices are expensive to repair
  • Apple parts are fairly affordable, and easy to get
  • don’t leave charging cables hanging in places where your kids may (will) trip on them
  • devices can be fixed, some times all you can do is laugh

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