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Someone at LG needs to be slapped, and I know who. It’s Bob - in Product Design. “I’ve got an idea!”, exclaimed Bob. “How about we give the Nexus4 a glass back!”. In an ideal world he would have been beaten to death by his co-workers - but he wasn’t… so I have a Nexus 4, it’s broken… and here we are.

I’m too cheap/lazy to fix a cracked Nexus4 back, so I decided to try a DBrand skin. On to the review…

Here’s my Nexus 4, before getting a new skin:

Broken Phone

Can you see the crack in the top right corner? I fell asleep on a rug with my phone in my pocket. When I woke up and took my phone out… it felt different. There was a big damn crack on the back glass! The crack isn’t noticeable most of the time, but I know it’s there, and I’m easily annoyed by these sort of things.

I’d heard about a nice Canadian company who make phone skins - and even better, they use a Laser to cut them! I work with a Canadian (hi Diwas!), and I like Lasers, so I thought, why not? DBrand have an impressive range of skins. I went for the “Carbon Fibre” model. They also have a “tacky gold” version (must be huge in China), a “white douche leather” edition (for iPhone fans), and some cool brushed aluminium styles.

A week and a half later (and $10), the skin arrived in an envelope. It looks like this:

DBrand Skin DBrand Skin

It is surprisingly easy to install. I’ve installed screen protectors before, so I was expecting this to be hellish. It was literally a 30 second job. It is also removable. DBrand accomplish this using 3M Vinyl stickers.

DBrand Skin DBrand Skin DBrand Skin DBrand Skin DBrand Skin DBrand Skin

It has a very smooth yet textured feel. It doesn’t feel like a sticker, yet it doesn’t it doesn’t feel entirely authentic either. Overall it is not unpleasant.

The visual effect is amazing. If I move the phone around under the light, the texture shines and reflects - looking incredible. The skin fits so well that a friend asked if I had replaced my phone. The cutting precision is impressive. The shiny “Nexus” lettering is clearly visible, and the camera cut outs perfect.

I can recommend this product with no reservations. If you want to make your phone look great, hit up the DBrand Website. Oh, and if anyone knows Bob at LG - go slap him for me.

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