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Want to try some Angular development? Need to get a dev environment set up? With a couple of automation tools, I’ll have you up and going in 5 minutes.


You need the following two apps installed:

  1. Git
  2. Chocolately package manager.


We are going to use the Angular Seed project template.

Fire up a command window, then run the following commands:

cd\git   (change this to the folder you intend to use)
git clone
cd angular-seed
cinst nodejs.install
"c:\Program Files\nodejs\npm" install
"c:\Program Files\nodejs\npm" start

You should now be able to open http://localhost:8000/app/ in your web browser.

What just happened?

git clone

This cloned Angular Seed to your local drive.

cinst nodejs.install

Chocolatey installed nodejs and npm (node package manager).

"c:\Program Files\nodejs\npm" install

NPM found the node based project in your current folder, and automatically installed the node dependencies.

"c:\Program Files\nodejs\npm" start

NPM launched the node.js instance, which happens to be available at http://localhost:8000/app/

Too easy! :)

For a full run down of how to use the template, go here: angular-seed on github.

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